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Facial Rolling 101

Over the past few years, facial rollers have been gaining popularity and we are here for it! Only a few simple steps will give you loads of benefitsFirmer and plumper skin, improved complexion, and did we mention reduced wrinkles (say no more!).

How does it work?

It’s all about stimulating lymphatic drainageWhen our lymph system is not in motion, the fluid can hang onto toxins and tensions in your face causing blockages. Although your body naturally does this, regularly massaging your face helps to push the lymph build up to the lymph nodes.

Time to try it out!

First start by applying your favorite serum, facial oil or moisturizer. This helps to prep the skin for a perfect glide. On the go and don’t have it? No worries, you’ll get all the same benefits without it and it won’t hurt your skin.

While applying slight pressure, glide the facial roller over the contours of your face in upward and outward strokes, repeating each motion at least 3 times.

  1. Start at the center of your face, next to your nose, and roll out to your temples.
  2. Then starting from the center of your chin, make broad strokes towards the bottom of your ear.
  3. Roll upwards from your brows to your hairline.
  4. Lastly, roll from the center of the forehead toward the side of the face and down to the neck.

As you are rolling, inhale for a count of five and exhale for a count of five, repeat three times for a 30 second practice to ground yourself. You’ll realize that there is more to facial rolling than enhancing your physical appearanceIt’s a moment to yourself to relieve tension and find calm and relaxation.

Time to roll your way to healthier, fresh-looking skin.


Store the roller in the fridge for an extra boost of de-puffing power.

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