Our Story

Our Story

As our team was developing Lilac 11, we realized there was an opportunity to bring learnings and tools from our personal stories to others. We’re not the only ones trying to find inner peace, moments of calm, and contentment; so we created an arsenal of products as reminders to breathe and be present, 30 seconds at a time.

A Note From Our Founder

“Pay attention to your routine.” “Take your time and give yourself a little love.” “Trust yourself, you will know what’s right.” “Your body knows what to do, but your spirit doesn’t want to do it anymore.” These are comments I heard and couldn’t let go, but didn’t know what to do with them.

In 2010 I came to a major juncture in my life. After 17 years of running a successful business and in the midst of raising a beautiful family, I suddenly found myself deep in the chaos of life. The dark side of it, where I was questioning my quality of life. The bright shiny, dynamic side that I knew was there seemed to be just out of my reach.

I found myself thirsty for answers to my many questions; What am I doing? How am I functioning? What does my spirit want? What am I doing with this amazing life of mine?

I wanted to make a change. In the weeks and months that followed I tried to focus on my health: mental, physiological, and spiritual. I applied the things I read and listened to; I took time to focus on my breath, recite a mantra or practice gratitude when I could, which usually meant sitting at a red light or waiting for my child after a sports practice.

I began to trust the moment,
even when it was uncomfortable

What I found interesting, I didn’t need to carve out an entire Sunday for self-care or go on a week-long retreat. It was the little practices of remembering to breathe and bringing myself to presence that I integrated with my daily routine that made me feel better about how I was showing up for those I loved. It made me feel good about being me. Lilac 11 was created to give you the tools to create little practices throughout your day, 30 seconds at a time; to be present for the moments of joy, the challenging situations, and to lead you to exactly where you want to be in our chaotic, dynamic lives in this beautiful and creative world.

We believe this is the beauty of well being.


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Nurture a healthy mind, body
and spirit, 30 seconds at a time.

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