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Hard Days

Some days just feel like they are full of difficult moments–encounters with people, the jagged flow of the day, not feeling accomplished or just plain old heartache. It makes me want to crawl back in bed, but that’s usually not an option. I have found, the best way to pause the pain and redirect my attention is to ask myself a question, What’s the lesson here? What could I possibly take away from this situation to improve how I function, not get so bogged down by the challenges, and do it better next time?! Sometimes I ask myself, Would I still do it if I knew the outcome?

Asking questions creates space, a moment to breathe and examine what’s in my heart. While this isn’t a traditional gratitude practice, it’s leads me to a little ray of sunshine, what’s good, or a learning that makes me feel a little wiser. It doesn’t make everything better right away, it just doesn’t feel quite so dark, and it helps me to see tomorrow is a new day and I will be ready to go back at it.


How do you cope with hard days?

We all have them. Let's us know your favorite way to find the light, info@lilac11.com

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