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Simple Acts are Amazing Feats

Over the past year these concepts have become part of our common language, but figuring out how to do them and fit them into our already busy schedule has been a bit more challenging. 

Deconstructing these acts into bite size pieces allows you to explore what feels good to you. Let go of the idea that there is a right or wrong way to do it because recharging is all about you and what makes you feel your best. 

For example, meditation, it’s such a loaded word.  Doing it “the right way” and creating the right environment are two big obstacles that stop us.  When we hit these roadblocks, we look for ways to deconstruct it.  Wherever you are, set the timer on your phone for 1 minute, close your eyes, focus on your breath going in and out of your body, notice the sounds around you–it could be your kids, the hum of the refrigerator, the traffic on the street.  How do the sounds blend with your breathing?  If you start thinking or your mind drifts, come back to focusing on your breath–the moment of realization that you are thinking and coming back to your breath is the magical meditative moment to continue practicing.

Journaling, it’s a great way to start to sort through your patterns, your worries, your wants.  Again, set your timer for 1-5 minutes, start with a prompt like, "Today I am feeling..." and just write until your timer goes off. Another option is to simply write down three things you are grateful for each morning. 

If mediation and journaling don't feel like your thing, try going for a walk, sitting outside in the sunshine, sleeping an extra hour, or taking a 30 second moment to pause and breathe. Do what feels right for you. 

These moments will allow you to connect with yourself and recharge your battery. Once you start, you'll notice that the accomplishment of doing it and the positive impact it has on your well-being will encourage you to do it again and again.   

How do you plan to recharge today?

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