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Welcome to the 11:11

At Lilac 11, we are all about nurturing a healthy mind, body and spirit. What does this mean? For us, it’s about feeling good–from the inside out. It’s about being in the moment, showing up as our best self, and experiencing the magic of the world around us. 

We realize to say it and then actually do it - during your busy day - are very different things. The stress and anxiety we feel trying to make it all happen is real–– we too, are everyday people making our way and trying to figure it all out. We also recognize that topics like personal development and mental health can be overwhelming and sometimes just too heavy.

This is why we are so excited to introduce the 11:11 blog.  

We will explore topics ranging from personal growth and wellness to life experience and living in the moment. We will share content curated from topic experts, folks who have inspired us and our own real-life experiences. Everything we share is meant to inspire you, pique your curiosity, and be a bright moment in your day. And, because we know there is a lot to pack into a day, we promise to keep it meaningful.

Got an idea or want to contribute?

We’d love to hear from you.
Please reach out to us at info@lilac11.com with feedback, topic ideas, or a pitch to contribute.

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