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The Meaning of 11

Do you have a lucky number?

For us, it’s 11!  The meaning for 11 is endless–just how we like it, we get to define it.  

It’s our lucky number and our favorite number, because 11 is all about love.  It resonates at a high vibration–think “Good Vibes Only.”

11 represents new beginnings, we believe every moment is a moment to begin again.  When we know we can start over again and again, we tend not to go into extremes, we can be a little lighter hearted, forgiving with ourselves, and willing to try it again.  It’s a balancing of our energy, our emotions, our thoughts and our spirituality.  

11 brings in the energy of self initiation, independence, innovation and self confidence–who doesn’t need more of this!

The energy of 11 is all about illumination, deep and inspired thinking, and visionary powers–HOPE. It’s hope that fuels our human spirit.

Next time you see 11 know that you were meant to see it for a boost of good vibes, illumination and to remind you to begin again.

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