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Our Clean Beauty Promise

Here at Lilac 11, we believe everyone should have access to a healthy mind, body and spirit. So, we have committed to producing safe and ethical products. 

We are Credo Certified keeping over 2,700 ingredients (the "Dirty List") used in mainstream beauty products out of our formulas due to safety, sourcing, sustainability and ethical concerns. Did you know the U.S. bans just 30 of those? We wanted better for you.

All of our products were formulated (right here in our backyardMinneapolis, MN!) and tested in the United States to ensure they uphold our high standards. 

Clean beauty is… 

What does this mean? 

Palm oil is a vegetable derived from oil palm fruit. It is often a product of harmful farming methods that put endangered animals natural habitat at risk and fuel climate change. 

Natural fragrance means that all the ingredients come from natural sources, not synthetic. Each ingredient we use can be found in nature in the same or mostly the same chemical form as the ingredient in the product (e.g. fruit seed oils, clays, essential oils). 

No guinea pigs, rabbits, monkeys or any other creatures were forced to use our products to see if they are irritating to skin, we are completely cruelty free. We only test on human beings (that volunteer, of course!).

We are free of parabens which are preservatives used in many personal care items. Parabens can act like estrogen and disrupt the normal function of the hormone systems affecting the reproductive system, and can increase the risk of cancer. No thank you! 

Lastly, we are veganOur products do not contain animal ingredients, animal by-products, or any other animal-derived ingredients including beeswax and honey.

And that’s our clean beauty promise. To keep you, the earth, and our animals safe with every product we produce. Your moment of self-care is guilt-free!


Feel free to reach out to us. We love chatting about the things we are so passionate about! 

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